Navigating International Tax with Specialist Training from AAB

For all UK companies operating overseas, planning for and managing potentially complex international tax arrangements can be a time consuming journey into the unknown with hidden traps and pitfalls along the way.

Training course on 28 March 2017

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Planned for properly, international tax should be a very early consideration that is taken into account before a tender for work has been submitted. Incorporating international tax considerations at this stage can return greater commercial benefits to organisations, whilst preventing costly penalties, management time and professional fees to deal with a mess at a later date.

Anderson Anderson & Brown’s (AAB) new specialist training course “Navigating International Tax for Companies Operating Overseas” is positioned to support businesses to prepare, plan and save costs through the efficient management of international tax in their overseas projects and businesses.

This course is designed for both business support professionals and non-financial professional advisors as well as any other personnel who are included in overseas tendering (e.g. internal contracts teams) who are looking to improve their knowledge in:

 The typical traps and pitfalls that can arise when operating overseas

 The key factors which should be taken into consideration when building pricing models for tenders in overseas locations to ensure that, as far as possible, profit margins are not eroded by unexpected exposures to overseas taxes and compliance costs

The course is designed for businesses looking to expand their operations or who already undertake activities overseas. Using practical examples, it will provide a comprehensive overview of the typical traps and pitfalls of overseas operations, and the common overseas tax exposures.

AAB’s “Navigating International Tax for Companies Operating Overseas” training course will be running on Tuesday 28 March 2017 at AAB’s flagship offices at Prime Four Business Park, Kingswells.

More information on this specialist training course and how to book a place can be viewed here.

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