New asset management deployment engine set to yield Industry 4.0 results

Stuart Murray, Technical manager at Add Energy

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A LEADING international asset management consultancy, service and software provider has unveiled a new asset management deployment engine and change management solution which embraces the post-pandemic challenges of “Industry 4.0.”

After five years of development with industry and academia, Effio™ is Add Energy’s brand-new, cloud-based asset management data and strategy build, optimization and deployment tool which is capable of achieving time and cost savings of up to a third when compared with traditional maintenance, materials and integrity management data build and optimization methods.

As businesses navigate the so-called “fourth industrial revolution” most sectors are increasing their focus on digital transition.  Add Energy’s new end-to-end solution takes incumbent manumatic, complicated databases and catapults them into a new era of real-world standardization, visibility, flexibility, and scalability which is exactly in step with modern working practices.

Fully auditable and compatible with any type of existing asset management system or CMMS (computerized maintenance management system), Effio™ offers seamless integration of data and strategies which are critical to managing operating facilities safely and efficiently.

This significant, industry agnostic enhancement to Add Energy’s software portfolio represents an important milestone in the company’s own growth as it opens the door to cost effective, efficient, consistent, and connected asset management across multiple industries, including oil and gas, renewable energy, power generation, mining, marine, petrochemicals and more.

Add Energy Technical Manager Stuart Murray explained: “Through decades of working with a broad spectrum of clients, business performance analysis projects have often led to requirements for fundamental fixes in asset management data and strategies that sit at the heart of effective maintenance, materials and integrity management, and we have experience of doing this for all kinds of businesses from SMEs to energy supermajors. 

“However, the challenges remain similar across most areas of business with a lack of standardization, connectivity and management of change featuring as common problems across facilities operating in different industries.

“Managing change can be ineffective and expensive and the pandemic has pushed people to embrace more digital and collaborative ways of working.  Having access to quality data and strategies is both cost-effective and essential to safe and profitable operations and production, and it is imperative to maintain data quality post-deployment to assure efficient operations throughout the plant lifecycle.

“Effio™ does that in a context which people understand because it effectively bridges the gap between technical and commercial decision making and asset management, making data visible, making changes better and making the impact of those changes easier to illustrate and analyze to ensure critical decisions are informed.”


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