New chance to Take A Seat at His Majesty’s Theatre or Music Hall

His Majesty's Theatre panto star Greg McHugh as Gary Tank Commander in the His Majesty's Theatre auditorium.

ABERDEEN Performing Arts have re-launched their Take A Seat initiative, offering the chance to become part of the fabric of their historic venues, just in time for Christmas.

Supporters of the charitable organisation have the opportunity to sponsor a seat at the Music Hall or His Majesty’s Theatre, securing a plaque with their chosen name or message on one of the seats in the famed auditoriums.

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Aberdeen Performing Arts Chief Executive Sharon Burgess, expressed the significance of these seats, stating: “The seats in our venues are the keepers of countless cherished memories and experiences. Whether it’s witnessing that highly anticipated musical, sharing a special date night, celebrating a birthday, relishing in the music of a beloved band, or enjoying a traditional panto visit – these seats hold the essence of our shared cultural experiences.”

“Join us in making a lasting impact on the arts in the North-East. Your sponsorship not only immortalises your commitment to the performing arts but also contributes to the vibrant and creative future of our community”.

“As the stewards of these iconic buildings, we depend on the generosity of donors and sponsors, in addition to ticket sales, to maintain them in impeccable condition. Your support is invaluable in ensuring that we continue to provide priceless moments and outstanding artistic experiences to our community.”

Contributions raised through the Take A Seat campaign will be dedicated to preserving the integrity of our beloved venues. Furthermore, they will facilitate the curation of festivals, the nurturing of emerging talent, the provision of music and drama classes, and a multitude of other initiatives that enrich our cultural landscape.

Seat sponsorship is just one way to support Aberdeen Performing Arts, you can visit to find out more.

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