New online tool to boost supply chain business development

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A new online business development tool designed to help strengthen and improve the competitiveness of the supply chain is being launched today (November 1) at Oil & Gas UK’s Share Fair at Aberdeen’s Exhibition and Conference Centre.

At the event Ken Cruickshank, Oil & Gas UK’s supply chain manager, said:
“The industry and the Oil and Gas Authority are jointly behind the development of the Supply Chain Hub, which provides companies with a one-stop gateway to initiatives, tools and advice at the touch of a button.

“Our supply chain is essential to maximising economic recovery of up to an estimated 20 billion barrels of oil and gas from the UK Continental Shelf. It supports almost all the industry’s needs including exploration, field development, production and decommissioning but companies dealing with the current downturn need all the help they can get to shift from short-term survival to long-term sustainability.

“Ensuring the resilience of the supply chain is a key priority for Oil & Gas UK which is working on behalf of the industry to ensure it has the resources, support and guidance to deliver greater performance in a marginal business environment.

“This web-based tool gives these companies access to invaluable advice on exporting, sourcing finance, improving efficiency, market intelligence, funding for innovation, networking opportunities and decommissioning information. It is designed to help the supply chain develop and maintain world-class capabilities in a competitive global economy.

“A broad cross-section of stakeholders including government departments, trade associations, innovation organisations and regional development bodies are supporting and contributing to the Supply Chain Hub. All share the goal of ensuring our supply chain remains anchored in the UK so that we can retain and build on the mature basin expertise we have developed in areas including High Pressure/High Temperature (HPHT) and subsea engineering –key qualities that differentiate us from our international competitors.”

Oil & Gas UK’s website hosts the Supply Chain Hub alongside the industry’s Efficiency Hub, which has been designed to help promote smarter ways of doing business on a sector-wide scale by providing a central and interactive resource for sharing good practice materials and tools.

The Supply Chain and Efficiency Hubs form part of the integrated resources available to the supply chain and the wider industry.


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