New sales and business development tool launched for post GDPR world

Duncan Hart
Duncan Hart

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Aberdeen-based DeepMiner has launched a new business development and sales tool that will support professionals in a post GDRP world.

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From May 2018, organisations were forced to change their sales processes to support the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The new regulation aimed to standardise data protection law but made prospecting more complicated.

DeepMiner offers a new way of sales prospecting by using artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve lead generation processes and focus sales efforts on the opportunities with the highest chance of success.

In a recent HubSpot survey 55% of organisations stated that their main concern for 2019 was finding and converting potential business leads. DeepMiner allows organisations to cut through the large amounts of continuously streamed news and organisational data and focus on leads with the highest probability of success. In addition to providing leads, the tool will also deliver useful business intelligence about the leads.

Traditional searches such as Google rely upon indexing and tagging words and pages while storing the information in vast databases. DeepMiner will bypass search engines, going directly to the information sources. The tool will search for information, and using artificial intelligence and machine learning DeepMiner will spot signals and indicators, providing real time business intelligence.

The organisation, based in the Elevator Business Centre, Aberdeen was founded by Duncan Hart and Áine Uí Ghiollagáin.  Both have backgrounds in data science and artificial intelligence and were successful winners of the CivTech program which brings innovation to the public sector. With experience in the private and public sectors they understand the power and value of data and how it can be used.

When asked why the tool was so valuable to sales professionals Duncan stated “DeepMiner allows sales teams to gain competitive advantage through uncovering information that can remain hidden and hard to find in traditional search.”

DeepMiner is also the first tool to bring together sales and marketing functions on one platform. The platform offers buzz tracking for marketing teams by mining data in real time and presenting back global news sources, blogs, company websites, social media platforms and other sources of information to generate relevant content for faced paced content marketing strategies.

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