New service to detect and prevent VoIP fraud

Gavin Henry (founder of SentryPeer)

ABERDEEN-based software company Ant Networks Limited today announced SentryPeer, a new service.

SentryPeer offers a unique way for Internet Telephony Service Providers, Cybersecurity specialists and Telecom resellers to help prevent VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) fraud by detecting early attempts.

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Gavin Henry, founder of SentryPeer, spent the last 12 years building and scaling his previous company, SureVoIP, an award winning Internet Telephone Service Provider, which was acquired in July 2021.

Gavin Henry said:

“I created SentryPeer based on my own experience of running a VoIP based company, to address the need for having an early warning system for VoIP fraud.”

“It was also very important to allow users to own their data to avoid lock in. That’s why SentryPeer is an open source platform, so you can always participate and validate that what we say is actually what we are doing.”

Dr. Stefan Pütz. SVP Technical Security, Deutsche Telekom Security and CISO at Deutsche Telekom Group, said:

“We noticed Gavin’s impressive work and are happy to support innovative trends protecting customers from fraudsters.”

Features and benefits of SentryPeer include:

  • Detecting compromised VoIP accounts in real time before you lose money or customer confidence
  • Learning customer traffic patterns and detect anomalies
  • Checking Caller IDs and phone numbers in real time against Ofcom’s Do Not Originate List
  • Using its alerting system to programmatically disable customer accounts via various integrations SentryPeer SaaS is available now at no cost.

For more information on SentryPeer, please visit

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