New software aims to redefine industrial resilience in face of growing challenges

Botan Osman (Restrata)

A GLOBAL technology company with offices in Aberdeen, Restrata, has today, launched a new resilience operating system, resilienceOS, that will transform how organisations manage risk, security, safety and disruption on any scale.

resilienceOS creates a new category of resilience technology initially designed targetted for the energy and industrial sectors, but applicable to any sector. By connecting all safety, risk and event management data in a single trusted hub, it solves the current complex and fragmented view that organisations currently contend with. With real-time, end-to-end oversight and control, managers can quickly access accurate actionable insights that allow them to make the right decision fast.   

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At a time when the energy and industrial sectors are facing greater global competition, increased regulatory and stakeholder scrutiny, as well as geopolitical and environmental challenges having a connected, real-time overview of potential risk and disruption has never been more critical.

Restrata, which is headquartered in London and with offices in Aberdeen and Dubai, has used its vast experience in the digitalisation of safety, security, emergency, and crisis response to further innovate the resilience technology landscape.

Botan Osman, Restrata’s CEO said: “Traditional resilience technology while useful in many ways, has so far created a very fragmented software landscape that has left many organisations trying to stitch together a unified picture. We set out to create a category-defining solution for resilience that brings simplicity, clarity and confidence in the way they manage and enhance organisation-wide resilience.

“Having to system-hop to gather information, make sense of it and act on it takes away significant time from actually managing the risk. Since data is gathered from multiple systems – some real-time and some lagging – teams can’t rely on the information being accurate, let alone act on it with confidence.

“Our solution provides a unified source of truth and action for everything and everyone an organisation cares about, every day helping them to continuously minimise and manage the multitude of risks that could impact their people, assets, and the environment.”

resilienceOS is designed to be the backbone of organisation-wise resilience, seamlessly connecting interrelated systems and stakeholders. The solution features proprietary algorithms that enables it to ingest hundreds of millions of data points to deliver unrivalled visibility, accuracy and control when managing resilience, helping teams to make sense of the data and quickly identify actions. It empowers organisations to attain and sustain the highest levels of preparedness, adaptability and response when facing dynamic risks and disruption of any scale.

resilienceOS is powered by CoRE  – The Connected Resilience Engine – a smart adaptive system composed of four key technologies:

  • Data ingestion: integrating all relevant data including internal and third-party
  • Location convergence: fusing people and asset related data from multiple sources into one trusted hub
  • Impact calculation: always monitoring the risks and associated impact across r people, assets, supply chain.
  • Action and response: enabling managers to act immediately on dynamic risks and potential threats.

The CoRE digitises everything and everyone across an organisation’s footprint into the operating system, monitoring risk and associated impact in real-time and providing stakeholders with increased response confidence.

resilienceOS is an all-in-one solution that combines CoRE with 6 functional modules:  

  • Connected site – for streamlining site management, safety and security on the ground. 
  • Unified travel – for efficient people logistics, journey management and enhanced duty of care for   global travellers.   
  • Fused risk – providing a wholistic view across your chosen risk data sources  
  • Mass comms – for just-in-time, multi-channel alerts and comms  
  • Incident and crisis – for a better, more coordinated response  
  • Restrata App – for safety in every employee’s pocket under your own brand. 

In recent years, Restrata deployed earlier versions of connected site, unified travel and incident and crisis to a wide range of organisations across the world, from global incident management teams in London and Houston, to sites in the North Sea, and country operations in the middle east. The technology helped support clients in a range of industries including oil and gas, energy, engineering, mining, renewables, manufacturing and global corporations in safeguarding people and assets and keeping resilience operations connected.

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