NorSea Group and Kongsberg Group establish digital collaboration

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NSG Digital, a new company set up by NorSea Group to simplify logistics through digital technology, has established a collaborative agreement with the Kongsberg Group.

Now they are moving the development and deployment of their new product, NSG E2E, to Kongsberg’s application platform Kognifai.

With its new product, NSG Digital aims to simplify and enhance visibility and information sharing in supply chains.

Through digital collaboration NSG E2E (End-to-End) will make cargo logistics more efficient and transparent.

Henrik Heggland, Managing Director of NSG Digital, said: “With our new product we are challenging supply chain owners to open up for increased information sharing and digital collaboration with their suppliers and partners. With our strong focus on sharing and openness it is natural that both NSG Digital and Kongsberg Digital exploit and contribute to technology sharing. For us, that is what Kognifai is all about and it is the main reason for wanting to be part of the Kognifai platform.”

The development of NSG Digital supports the company’s commitment to being a positive contributor to the oil and gas industry’s efforts to increase efficiency, reduce cost and maintain high quality delivery.

Kongsberg Digital has seen considerable interest in Kognifai since its recent launch.

Christian Møller, CTO at Kongsberg Digital, said: “We are excited to see that an increasing number of companies are interested in the platform and want to contribute to the continued development of Kognifai. Our vision for Kognifai is to provide an environment for efficient application development and deployment. With Kognifai our partners, like NSG Digital, can focus on developing the core functionality which brings business value, instead of having to focus on issues like security, authentication, account management, billing, backup and data storage. This is all being handled by the Kognifai platform.”

Kongsberg has a strong presence in both the maritime and offshore sector but does not have NorSea Group’s expertise in delivering efficient end-to-end cargo logistics.

“We are looking forward to bringing NSG Digital and its new product onto Kognifai. We believe their new solution for collaborative logistics planning and tracking fits perfectly as a key component in the product portfolio available on Kognifai,” said VP Digital Platform at Kongsberg Digital, Matthew Robert Cagienard Duke.


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