North-East recruitment expert releases 2024 salary guide

Amanda McCulloch, Chief Executive, TMM Recruitment

TMM Recruitment, a leading North-east recruitment agency, has unveiled its anticipated 2024 salary guide, showcasing salary trends and benchmarks across various sectors. The guide, accessible for download, sheds light on the factors contributing to this year’s salary increases.

In their annual report, TMM Recruitment offers valuable insights into salary benchmarking since 2010, focusing on the North-east region. Specialising in diverse sectors like accountancy, engineering, HR, IT, legal, and more, the guide caters to both employers and candidates, enabling realistic salary expectations in a local context.

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Amanda McCulloch, CEO of TMM Recruitment, emphasised the guide’s practicality, saying, “Our 2024 salary guide delivers an overview of annual salary levels, and for jobs that are often recruited for on a temporary or contract basis, we’ve provided PAYE day rate information.”

McCulloch noted that while salary levels have generally increased, a robust candidate market has led to prevalent counteroffers and unrealistic salary expectations, calling for a more sustainable approach.

Looking ahead to 2024, TMM Recruitment foresees a recruitment landscape resembling that of 2023. Despite the upward trajectory in salaries, there’s a noticeable easing and stability in recruitment volume. The first half of 2024 is anticipated to mirror the latter part of 2023, posing continued challenges in recruiting skilled personnel for new positions.

McCulloch commented, “Once salaries rise, they rarely decline; however, we are beginning to witness a slight easing and corresponding stability in recruitment volume. We, therefore, anticipate that the first half of 2024 will continue in a similar vein to the latter part of 2023, meaning that recruiting skilled people to new positions will continue to be challenging.”Employers and candidates alike can access TMM Recruitment’s comprehensive salary guide online for a detailed understanding of the evolving employment landscape in the North-east. For more information and assistance with job searches or recruitment challenges, visit TMM Recruitment’s website.

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