Northeast Scotland salary guide published

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This year’s annual salary guide from Thorpe Molloy Recruitment reports a welcome improvement in business confidence reflected by a gradual, continuous increase in recruitment activity across its recruitment specialisms.

Amanda McCulloch, Managing Director explains “The emphasis is on temporary recruitment, which we’ve colloquially termed “try before you buy” because the appointments do not just relate to short-term cover but to work which starts as a temporary assignment and then transitions to a permanent appointment once the cautious employer is confident that the needs of the business are being met.”

Sensing a shift in the job market there is a growing number of enquiries from people curious to understand how the dramatic changes of the last few years have impacted opportunities for career progression and the monetary value of their CV, skills and experience. But this curiosity is being tempered by caution too with candidates particularly interested in role content, rates of pay and, of course, job security.

Generally, salaries have remained flat over the last 12 months. Specialists have had it particularly tough because their roles have been absorbed by capable, but often over-stretched, generalists. This is understandable in a tough market, but in the longer term will lead to skills erosion if highly competent professionals are not offered development opportunities.

Thorpe Molloy recruiters are also witnessing the impact of technology on the demand for certain skills. Amanda continues, “The competitive benefits of adopting new technology have facilitated outsourcing and offshoring which has negatively impacted our accountancy and finance candidates. On the other hand, there is intensified demand for web developers and people with particular skill sets around cloud computing and cyber security. Increasingly, the ability to understand coding is a real differentiator for analysts, marketers, engineers and scientists.”

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