OGTC kicks off Net Zero R&D programme

BSC compact separators next to conventional separators
BSC compact separators next to conventional separators

THE first OGTC Net Zero R&D programme project funding has been awarded to a graduate of OGTC’s TechX accelerator and Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen.

BSC Separation have been paired with Robert Gordon University to further develop their unique super-compact, multiphase separator, a technology with the potential to significantly reduce offshore emissions and at the same time generate electricity offshore.

Their multiphase separator technology could be used as a super-compact CO₂ stripper, replacing large contacting towers.

The company’s technology was recognised at the 2020 SPE Offshore Achievements Awards, receiving a commendation in the Emerging Technology category.

The multiphase separator R&D project has attracted the attention of industry partners who will contribute to phase one of the development project.

Future project phases are planned, with the performance testing of a full-scale pre-production prototype being evaluated at the test loop at Robert Gordon University towards the end of this year.

Jon Moseley, BSC Separation director, said: “BSC Separation are delighted with the ongoing interest and support from OGTC and its member companies on this technology and we’re looking forward to working with the respected team at RGU – we’ve already got off to a running start.”



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