Our Union Street says drones could solve ‘new puzzle’

Union Street

THE group in charge of rejuvenating Aberdeen’s Granite Mile reckons drones could be an option take on some of the “unloved” upper levels on units.

Our Union Street is set to tackle the upper stories of buildings, a “huge challenge”, according to the group’s leader Bob Keiller, who says “visual impression is everything”.

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He adds: “If the windows have no light or colour behind them, and the paint around them is all flaky, it immediately makes you think that this place is empty and unloved.

“There is also something about weeds growing out of building – that’s another sign there is no one there caring for that building.

“And then the third part is the stonework.”

Weeding the top floors is a challenge that Bob says his team and volunteer army will need to tackle creatively.

“We’ve looked at drones for instance as a potential solution. And it might not be drones to cut the weeds, it might be ones that can spray a bit of weed killer.

“There is lots of thinking to be done about the practicalities of taking a number of different techniques to do that, without thinking that you have to build a huge scaffolding or bring cherry pickers.”

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