Pre-determination hearing for proposed new Aberdeen FC stadium and community facilities

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A pre-determination hearing is to be held next month (September) for the proposed new AFC stadium and community facilities at Kingsford.

The hearing is being held by Aberdeen City Council as part of the process for the planning application which has been submitted by Aberdeen Football Club and Aberdeen FC Community Trust.

The application is classed as a ‘major development’ and also a significant departure from the Local Development Plan. In those circumstances, and in keeping with the requirements of the Town and Country Planning (Scotland) Act 1997, the proposal falls to be the subject of a pre-determination hearing before elected members of Aberdeen City Council.

The planning application is for proposed community and sports facilities, football academy, stadium, ancillary uses, formation of access roads, parking and associated landscaping and engineering works at land at West Kingsford, Skene Road, Aberdeen.

Only individuals who have previously submitted a representation in regards to the proposed stadium are entitled to participate in the pre-determination hearing.

A pre-determination hearing is held to give people who have written in about a planning application a chance to speak about it directly to elected members. During the Full Council meeting which would be held at a later date, people who have written in would not speak before elected members. A pre-determination hearing is held to gather information before the later Full Council meeting.

The pre-determination hearing will take place from 9.30am on Wednesday 13 September 2017, and qualifying people who would like to take part should contact Lynsey McBain on or Mark Masson on Letters and emails already submitted will remain part of the determination process.

The deadline for individuals to get in touch in order to be allowed to speak at the hearing is 5pm on Friday 25 August 2017. The pre-determination hearing is scheduled to be streamed on the City Council’s website.

People should note if they have not previously submitted a representation to the planning authority, they will not be allowed to participate in the pre-determination hearing.


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