Prodrill moves to larger premises

Aberdeen-based Prodrill Energy Resource Solutions has announced a move to larger premises to facilitate continued growth.

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The recruitment firm is relocating two floors down from its current offices at 1-3 Albyn Terrace into a the 3300 sq. ft. space.

The Prodrill’s team will now occupy a space 600 sq. ft. larger than the company’s previous office suite. Demonstrating that investment is still a key driver for the organisation, Prodrill has opted for a £1million, ten-year lease.

Louise Wood, Prodrill’s managing director, explains: “While there is a widely-reported uncertainty in the energy market, we feel that it is necessary for us, as a business, to look to the future and plan for the longer-term.

“When we moved into our West End office in July 2010, the price of Brent Crude was not too dissimilar to where it sits today. The years following saw the industry on a high, with extraction hitting record levels and prices soaring to over $125 a barrel.

“Whilst we must proceed with a certain degree of caution, I find myself in agreement with BP’s recent Energy Outlook 2035 report – where continuous change is the norm in this industry, having experienced both the highs and lows over the past 25 years in the oil and gas recruitment sector. It is because of these changes that we have to sit up and work in an informed and smart manner in order to adapt, build upon what we have and set a clear direction for the future.

“As a result of this, we have maintained a continued investment in our personnel training, as well as making the decision to launch a graduate training programme – which aims to develop Prodrill’s next generation of workers over the next three years.

“Now three months in, our trainees, who have been part of the business’ £100k recruitment investment strategy, are being fast tracked through an intensive development programme, receiving industry tuition from leading training organisations in Aberdeen, London and Manchester.

“Informed personnel are critical in our industry and our office move allows us to exploit this to grow a truly united team. Our larger premises allow us to physically relocate our recruitment team, bringing them together in order to work collaboratively – sharing knowledge and specialist expertise in drilling and well engineering, which is a very niche area of recruitment.

“We were fortunate to have achieved a record £25million turnover for FY 2013/14 and while the global oil industry is experiencing various commercial and political challenges, we are ensuring we do not leave any gaps in our business, while harnessing our abilities to work smartly, both within the UK and overseas to retain a prominent market position.”

Prodrill Energy Resource Solutions currently employs 17 staff from its Aberdeen-based offices.

For more information about Prodrill and jobs available visit or call 01224 261920.

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