Remote monitoring of pipeline equipment and factory testing proves its worth post Covid-19 for Aberdeenshire company

Leigh Howarth, STATS Group chief executive officer
Leigh Howarth, STATS Group chief executive officer

ABERDEENSHIRE pipeline technology specialist STATS Group is using high definition live streaming to transform the way it conducts testing on client projects and on the safe monitoring of pipeline isolation tools.

The company, headquartered in Kintore, said the move will “reduce the Covid-19 risk, slash the carbon footprint and maximise offshore bedspace.”

The Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) which provides assurance that STATS equipment is performing to specification, is typically witnessed by the client.

However, particularly following the Covid-19 pandemic, witnessing a FAT is not always possible, so the pipeline technology specialist has developed a system where customers, regardless of location, can witness a FAT without attending in person.

Utilising up to 12 cameras, remote live streaming captures every aspect. This high-definition stream, with real-time voice communication, is combined with live data feeds, and securely shared through a centralised web console to any global location. All data captured during testing is securely stored and can be easily accessed for future reference.

Steven Byers, STATS group director of operations said: “Clients have been very positive on being able to remotely view Factory Acceptance Tests as they offer not only transparency and reliability, but lead to significant savings in travel and accommodation costs and time out of the office.

“Without the requirement to travel, remotely screened FAT’s also help in reducing the carbon footprint of our customers and importantly during the Covid-19 pandemic, reduce the risk of spreading the virus.”

STATS Remote Monitoring Centre has been established to allow the company’s range of Tecno Plug® isolation tools to be securely monitored from an onshore location throughout the entire isolation period, while reducing the need for personnel to remain in attendance on site.

With the new remote satellite system, once STATS technicians have installed, positioned and set the tool, all but one of the team can be demobilised and return to base. This approach offers customers both substantial savings and additional offshore bed space, which is often at a premium during maintenance campaigns.

Leigh Howarth, STATS Group Chief Executive Officer, said: “Modern communication systems and monitoring technologies are changing the way in which we can test our equipment and in how we can monitor tools at our clients’ facilities.

“As a company specialising in technology and engineering solutions, we will continue to be at the forefront of developments which enable our products and services to be cost efficient while operating at optimal safety levels.”



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