Rethink demanded on demolition plans for Shell’s ex-HQ

Shell has unveiled plans to demolish ther former HQ in Tullos

A RETHINK has been demanded on plans to demolish a prominent Aberdeen landmark – for the sake of the environment.

Energy giant Shell has plans to demolish its former HQ in Tullos, which has lain empty since the firm took over a more central spot at the Silver Fin on Union Street.

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The five-story facility in Tullos is one of the city’s most distinctive buildings.

Built in the 1970s, the site reflected the silver city’s booming fortune in oil and gas.

While the loss of the familiar silhouette may cause a few some sorrow, one group of Aberdonians are objecting on environmental grounds.

In a letter addressed to Aberdeen City Council, architects and climate-change activists say the demolition of the facility would emit a large amount of carbon emissions.

Energy Voice has reported that they have requested the proposals are put on hold to see if another solution can be found.

Matt Clubb, who first drafted the letter, said carbon emissions during construction and maintenance account for 65% of the carbon emissions over the entire lifetime of the building.

The owner of local architectural design practice mwclubb said: “I’ve written this letter because, on a really basic level, Shell and the council have made a decision that this building is going to be demolished.

“It doesn’t appear as if they’ve consulted anyone within the public sphere or even measured the impact of the carbon emissions.

“There’s such a huge amount of emissions in buildings already that if we demolish and rebuild then we can forget our net-zero targets.”

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