RGU joins elite iSchool group

Robert Gordon University’s Department of Information has been approved as an iSchool.

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The iSchool organisation is the world’s leading group of Information Science departments, and was founded in 2005 by a collective of Information Schools dedicated to “advancing the information field in the 21st Century.”

These schools, colleges and departments are all newly created, or have evolved from programmes formerly focused on tracks including information technology, library science, informatics, and information science.

Which each individual iSchool has its own specialisations, the organisation as a whole allows the bodies to share a fundamental interest in the relationships between information, people and technology.

Professor Peter Reid, Head of the Department of Information Management, said: “Designation as an iSchool means that we now join the world’s top information science departments and this offers us many exciting opportunities both in terms of teaching and research partnership and collaborations.

“We have a strong track record in research and teaching which will contribute to the iSchool’s mission of ‘advancing the information.’ Membership of the iSchool will help to build upon and extend international connections with other iSchool members.”

RGU’s Department of Information Management offers a professionally-accredited Masters course in Information Management and Information and Library Studies, as well as an MBA in Information Management and Graduate Certificate Information Studies.

The Aberdeen-based university’s new MSc Digital Curation course has been developed in recognition of the need to ensure long term maintenance and preservation of digital assets.

The department has 20 full and part-time doctoral students who study either PhDs or on the professional Doctorate of Information Science DInfSci Programme

It also works closely with the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals, is a corporate member of The International Society for Knowledge Organization and is the home of the Information: Interactions and Impact Conference.

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