RGU look to the future of energy with new project

Dr Ismail Jalisi, Cygnas Solutions Ltd Engineering Director, Dr Dr Dallia Ali (RGU) and Cygnas Solution’s Managing Director Khurran Qaidr.

ROBERT Gordon University (RGU) is working alongside an Aberdeen-based energy firm to revolutionise power as it continues to make significant strides in hydrogen and renewables research and development.

The School of Engineering and Cygnas Solutions Ltd are hoping to develop a full scale hydrogen-powered solution which could be used as a clean alternative to traditional back-up Uninterrupted Power Supplyies (UPS).

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H2GEN would store renewable energy and replace the non-environmentally friendly backup batteries and diesel generators currently used as domestic and commercial UPS. 

In this case the system will be used to store energy on days when demand on the network is low.H2GEN can then be used to keep this excess to be used later or sold back to the main grid during busier periods. 

The hydrogen unit is made up of a hydrogen generator, hydrogen storage and fuel cell which can be charged by the electricity grid or by renewables to further reduce its carbon footprint. The main aim of this collaboration between academia and industry is to investigate the possibility of scaling up this innovative storage solution.

Dr Dallia Ali, Senior Lecturer and Course Leader of Renewable Energy Engineering at RGU, said: “The primary goal of this project is to develop a scalable and novel Hydrogen based system, offering a clean alternative to existing storage solutions. By doing so, we aim to enable the efficient storage of renewable energy for later use or sale to the grid during peak demand periods. 

“H2GEN is a step towards achieving Net Zero emissions by facilitating the integration of renewable energy sources and significantly reducing their environmental footprint. RGU’s critical work will pave the way for the next stages of the development of H2GEN, capitalising our commitment and expertise in Hydrogen and our over-£1m one-stop Hydrogen testing facility, Hy-One.”

Cygnas’ Engineering Director, Dr Ismail Jalisi, said: “We have a clear product development plan to take us from the concept through to a market ready product. Working with Dr Dallia Ali and her team at RGU, we are confident we will iron out the challenges we have identified and accelerate our progress.

“At Cygnas Solutions we differentiate ourselves through Innovation and Excellence in Engineering. We are dedicated to making a meaningful impact on helping solving the world’s pressing environmental challenges through implementation of our hydrogen technology.

“This innovative project brings together world leading, renewable expertise from RGU with industry know-how from Cygnas Solutions, to create a game-changing solution. H2GEN represents a significant step in clean energy solutions, and its development promises to positively impact the way we power our world sustainably.”

RGU is committed to playing a key role in the energy transition with both its expertise and thought leadership. This project and partnership is important as we look to decarbonise alongside the energy industry.

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