Senior pupils express their hopes for 2024

Aberdeen Grammar School

WHILE New Year messages are often asked of dignitaries and celebrities, Aberdeen City Council thought it would be good to hear the views of some other very important people – the city’s senior pupils. 

Senior pupils, aged between 16 years to 18 years old, in Aberdeen have shared their hopes and aspirations for 2024, a very important year for them personally, as they prepare for adulthood and life beyond school.  

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Councillor Martin Greig, convener of the Education and Children’s Services Committee, said: “I really appreciate our young people taking the time to share with us their hopes for the year ahead.    

“Our schools are more than places where you go to learn, study and pass exams.  They are communities where our young people are nurtured and encouraged to learn, be active and develop lifelong skills.  To our pupils, teachers and wider school communities across the city, I wish you all a very happy and productive year ahead.” 

Councillor Jessica Mennie, vice-convener of the Education and Children’s Services Committee, said: “While it’s a challenging time for many right now, it is good to hear how positive our senior pupils are about 2024.    

“Our young people sound up for the challenge and that is something that we can all learn from.  With determination, a positive attitude and the right support we need to be there for them and each other.   I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very Happy New Year.” 

Greer, a year six pupil at Aberdeen Grammar School, said: “In 2024, my hopes are to succeed in my exams and then to finish my sixth year at school with my friends before moving on to university in the Autumn. I hope that I will be able to take on this next big step in my life with confidence.” 

Greer’s fellow year six Aberdeen Grammar School pupil Beth said: “My hope for 2024 is to excel in higher education and to find a community amongst other likeminded individuals. To experience life with new opportunities and responsibilities whilst representing my school competitively through sport.” 

Ben, who is also a year six pupil at Aberdeen Grammar School, said: “My hope for 2024 is to succeed in my exams and to reach out to my friends and family during this year of change. I hope to consistently contact my grandma especially, of all the exciting things I have ahead in my change from secondary student to university life.” 

Amber, a year six pupil who attends Bucksburn Academy, said: “My hopes for 2024 are to get into my dream university, to transition into living away from home, and to continue developing both hard and soft skills to help me integrate better into this new chapter of higher education.” 

Year six pupil Ryan who also attends Bucksburn Academy, said: “In 2024, my main hope is to gain admittance to university. As well as this, I hope to pass my practical driving test to earn my license and I hope to spend time with my friends and family before moving on to the next chapter of my life.” 

Year four pupils at St Machar Academy also expressed their hopes for the new year with Layton, saying: “My hope is that all my hard work pays off and that I pass my exams so that I can get into college” while Karolina said: “My hopes for 2024 are that I manage to pass all my exams to get into my dream career. I also hope that the world hopefully becomes a better place for everyone. I would like there to be a more equal world.”  

Rebecca, also year four, said: “For 2024, I hope that struggles to do with school decrease so that I can do my exams with little stress and anxiety. If I were to pass my exams, I would be able to do something I really want to do in the future.” 

St Machar year five student Savani, said: “I’d love to perform in many concerts as both a pianist and an alto singer, while trying different music genres; aim for a high final grade like Hafsa; gain work experience in hospitals, shadowing various doctors and finally, learning enough Japanese to be able to talk to a native speaker.”   

Liam said: “I hope that in the future people in my area won’t be required to rely on food banks for food. I also hope that people across the world treat each other better and show kindness.”  

Aiden who is in year six at St Machar said: “I want to help people in school with sports so I can inspire them to have more confidence in themselves so they can achieve anything they want in life so they can end up helping people like I have done for 3 years now with Active Schools helping me.”  

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