Significant move for Step Change in Safety as the organisation endorses training course

Left to Right: Craig Wiggins, Executive Director of Step Change in Safety, and David Jamieson, Founder and MD of Salus Technical.

STEP Change in Safety, the membership-led energy industry safety organisation, has recently taken a significant step by endorsing a Process Safety Awareness Training course developed by one of its members. This is the first time the organisation has made this commitment as part of a new direction to collaborate closer with its members to fulfil its mission of reducing accidents in the offshore industry.

Since its launch in early 2023 by Aberdeen-based process safety firm, Salus Technical, the Process Safety Awareness Training has become a cornerstone of the business, with the headcount of the team growing from five to 11 in the past year. The training has already been completed by over 1,500 participants from companies such as Serica Energy, Petrofac, and Neptune Energy, with several organisations enrolling their entire workforce. This has significantly contributed to Salus’s expansion, enabling the company to seize new opportunities in engineering, software development, and training.

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‘Process Safety Awareness Training’, which is aimed at non-safety professionals working in high-hazard industries, will be actively promoted to Step Change in Safety’s members, having undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by the organisation’s leadership team. The endorsement signifies their confidence in the course’s potential to disseminate safety knowledge on a global scale.

Craig Wiggins, Executive Director of Step Change in Safety, said: “The recent tragic incidents on offshore platforms abroad, leading to fatalities in Mexico and Gabon serve as a stark reminder of the dangers faced in the offshore industry. David and the team at Salus have displayed outstanding commitment to improving safety in our industry and beyond, through knowledge sharing and training.

“Salus’s vast pieces of work contribute greatly to our goal of improving safety through engagement, leadership, and collaboration. I wholeheartedly recommend this course to anyone seeking to deepen their understanding of process safety.”

David Jamieson, Founder and Managing Director, Salus, added: “We are delighted that Step Change in Safety has endorsed our Process Safety Awareness Training course. Around half of the companies who have already completed the course are Step Change members, so when they approached us, we knew it would be a perfect fit. Their mission to make the offshore industry a safer place to work perfectly aligns with our own, which is why we’re proud Step Change in Safety members. I am excited about this opportunity and look forward to seeing more Step Change members benefit from Process Safety Awareness Training.”

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Salus’s relationship with Step Change in Safety has been strengthened since the beginning of 2023, when their team of process safety engineers wrote and published a potentially life-saving guidance document entitled, ‘How offshore inspection scores reveal major accident prevention measures.’ The success of the document led to David Jamieson being invited to present at several events, including being the keynote speaker at Step Change in Safety’s Elected Safety Rep Event in April 2023. Just months later, Salus won an Offshore Safety Award for Sharing and Learning.

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