Stephen Flynn holds Aberdeen South amid SNP slump

SNP Leader Stephen Flynn

SNP Leader Stephen Flynn held on to his Aberdeen South seat this morning – but admitted it had been a chastening election night for his party.

The re-elected MP clinched victory by winning 15,213 votes compared with 11,455 for second placed Labour candidate Tauqeer Malik.

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It was a tense evening for Mr Flynn after a major exit poll suggested he might lose his seat to Conservative candidate John Wheeler.

However, by the time he arrived at P&J Live for the count shortly after 2am, he looked relaxed as the votes in his favour started to pile high.

Speaking after his victory, Mr Flynn said the SNP needs to listen to the message being sent to them by the electorate across Scotland.

“It is quite clear to all of us that the Scottish National Party is having a difficult night,” he said.

“We are experiencing something we have not experienced for quite some time – we are going to be beaten, and beaten well.

“Now is the time where we must learn and listen. We must listen to what the people of Scotland have told us.

“When you are knocked down, you have to get back up. And when you get back up, you must be willing to inspire, you must be bold in your action and you must be committed to the values which you hold dear.

“My colleagues and I who are returned to Westminster will continue to put Scotland’s interests first and to serve the people of Scotland.

“Hopefully we can regain the trust which has been lost at this election.”

Labour’s Taqueer Malik said it was a “good night” for his party, despite it failing to capture any of the Granite City’s seats.

Asked if that was down to Labour’s plans to ban further North Sea drilling and raise the windfall tax, he hit out at what he viewed as “propaganda” around potential job losses.

“Labour will protect jobs,” he promised.

Full results

  • John Wheeler (Con) 11,300
  • M. Tauqeer Malik (Lab) 11,455
  • Guy Ingerson (Green) 1,609
  • Jeff Goodhall (Lib) 2,921
  • Graeme Craib (Scottish Family Party) 423
  • Sophie Molly (Independent) 225
  • Michael Pearce (Reform) 3,199

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