Stuart Mason: How long does your ONE HOUR Meeting last?

How long does your ONE HOUR Meeting last? The hint should be in the title! Most businesses I work with find that meetings rarely run to schedule, and even the outcome of many meetings bring questionable results.

Are you getting the best out of your Team Meetings?

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How do you avoid meetings taking too long and becoming unproductive or worse, counterproductive?

Here’s a few simple tips.

  • Set a Meeting Agenda and send this to all attendees before the meeting. This gives each person time to prepare as appropriate.
  • Have a FIXED time for the meeting itself, and for each part of the meeting. This will keep everyone “On Track”.
  • Stay On Topic. It’s so easy to go from December’s Sales Target’s to Golfing in Spain – keep the meeting on Topic.
  • Prepare your questions in advance. This not only saves time but presents a much more professional approach.
  • Avoid “Rabbit Holes”. If topics can’t be answered at the meeting avoid going down “Rabbit Holes” – delegate the task and have the appropriate person report back later in the day or at the next meeting.
  • Encourage Participation – and have FUN. Make sure everyone is fully engaged with the meeting. Every business has an “Oxygen Hoover” – avoid them taking over the meeting.
  • Be Clear on the ACTION POINTS from the meeting.
  • Keep detailed minutes of each meeting and distribute them to all attendees afterwards.

This is great for ensuring everyone knows their own task(s) for moving forward.

Some clients then go on to have everyone STAND at meetings, that’s individual preference and depends on the meeting structure. Standing for a four-hour strategy meeting is not recommended.

Consider the DAY and TIME of the meeting. Friday afternoons for some very bizarre reason tend to keep people very focussed on the topic….

Enjoy your next, more focussed meeting.

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