The Archie Foundation is asking its supporters to clean up their act


COULD YOU swap the f-bomb for fiddlesticks? Could you clean up your language? This is what local children’s charity, The Archie Foundation, is asking. 

The charity has thrown down the gauntlet and is asking people to take part in Stop Swearing September and try not to swear for the whole of September or be ‘fined’ by donating money to The Archie Foundation.

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“It’s easy. All anyone taking part has to do is not swear for the whole of September,” explained Jamie-Leigh Cook, the regional fundraising officer for Tayside. “It’s only 30 days! How hard can it be?”

Teams taking part in the Stop Swearing September challenge are being asked to give, or raise, a minimum of £10.

Jamie-Leigh explained what the funds will be used for.

“The money raised by Stop Swearing September will be used to support local sick children, and their families.

“Getting together with friends or colleagues and deciding to make a small change and stop swearing for a month could make a big difference to someone else. The children and families we support benefit in many ways. 

“Being in hospital can be an extremely difficult experience. Some families receive support to ease the financial pressures which can arise when a child is in hospital, while others will benefit from the other support and services we offer throughout Grampian, the Highlands and Tayside.”

Anyone wanting to take part should visit Stop Swearing September – Archie to register. There will be fun prizes on offer for the best team name and the best team photo.

Visit for more information about the practical, financial and emotional support available from The Archie Foundation. 

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