The importance of regular COVID testing among the vaccinated

Covid-19 PCR Testing

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AS COVID-19 vaccinations exceed 50% adoption in the country, United Kingdom citizens look forward to returning to some semblance of normality. As of September 2021, 66.3% of the population is fully vaccinated. Despite the numbers, it is vital to stay vigilant and continue to receive regular COVID-19 testing. The virus has not been eradicated, and variants are increasingly infectious, leading to potential breakthrough infections even in vaccinated individuals. This is especially important for those who work close to other people, such as in an office building.

This article will examine the importance of regular testing for COVID-19 in the workforce regardless of vaccination status.

Vaccines are not 100% effective

While the COVID-19 vaccinations are a critical tool in the quest for public safety from the virus, they are not 100% effective. They do not guarantee that vaccinated individuals will never develop the virus or that there is no danger in gathering in close quarters with other people. On the contrary, the data shows that while vaccinated death rates are significantly lower than unvaccinated death rates, they still happen even after the victims have both doses.

According to the BBC, a recent Office for National Statistics report shows that between the 2nd of January and the 2nd of July 2021, 51,281 Covid related deaths were recorded in the United Kingdom. Of those, only 640 deaths (1.2% of the total) were among vaccinated individuals. These figures are encouraging and highlight vaccine effectiveness; however, they still indicate that infection is a serious risk even after partial or complete vaccination. Perhaps even more seriously, the vaccine does not prevent individuals from spreading the virus.

Risk to those with underlying conditions

Even those who can receive the vaccine have varying levels of risk depending upon underlying conditions. Someone who is asymptomatic could cause serious harm to someone else if the second party is infected. Additionally, while around 66% of the population in the U.K. is vaccinated, that leaves just under 40% of the population without either dose. Some of those individuals cannot receive the vaccine due to medical issues or access troubles, and they are at an increased risk of infection than those who are vaccinated.

Transmitting COVID-19 to other individuals should be a significant cause for concern among the vaccinated. It is also an important reason why regular testing remains an essential aspect of the workplace.

Tests are easy and effective

When the virus first hit, the tests to detect infection were difficult to access and did not yield results for several days. They were often more trouble than they were worth, in other words, with sick individuals often worsening dramatically while waiting for a confirmation of their diagnosis.

Today, however, COVID-19 tests have come a long way. Organisations such as Matrix Diagnostics offer a practical Covid-19 PCR test that can quickly and accurately reveal infection without causing the employee in question to exert undue effort. That is even true for those on the go.

Obtaining a COVID-19 test is now easy and taking the time to receive one could save lives.


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