Top 5 Tips When Relocating To A New Area


Relocating to a new area, particularly in another country, can be one of the most stressful events in life.  From schooling to accommodation and even little things like where to buy food, it can all add up and make the whole thing, well a bit overwhelming. 

It doesn’t have to be however and as relocation experts it’s our job to make sure your period of change doesn’t spiral into an unenjoyable experience.  So, with that in mind we’ve put together our top 5 tips for making relocation as stress free as it can be and ensure you and your family settle into new surroundings as quickly as possible.

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Tip 1:  Acclimatise If You Can

We all know the feeling. Landing in a new place on holiday, tired, children cranky and uncomfortable and then the feeling of, so now what.  Well relocating can elicit a lot of the same emotions except you’re not there on holiday you’re there for a significant period of time.  That’s why our number one tip for families or individuals looking to relocate is, acclimatise ahead of time, if possible.  This could mean going for a short stay before the big move, a trip by yourself to make sure you know where everything is, routes to school, speaking with the locals, the list is endless. The point is that you familiarise yourself with the local area so that when you arrive, you’re more comfortable with surroundings and can get your relocation off to a solid start.

Tip 2: Get Someone Local To Review Any Property Lease Agreement

A comfortable property is absolutely crucial to the success of any relocation.  It has to be the right size, in the right area and be something you can see you and your family enjoying being in. However just as important is ensuring you get the best possible lease agreement available, from the specific terms through to any negotiation in rental fee.  In our experience having the impartial knowledge of someone who knows the area can be invaluable to the process.  From local knowledge of current market rents, the potential taxes involved and any local practices that exist, they ensure that you are getting not only the best deal but one that you don’t feel obliged to take out of necessity.

Tip 3:  Do Your Research Before Arranging Property Viewings

Picture the scene.  You’re relocating and you’ve just moved into the perfect 3-bedroom property for you and your family. It’s got a garage, a garden and an en-suite. It’s the ideal property and on the first night you realise its right next to a block of student flats where the music plays non-stop.  Now pleasant though students are, it’s not ideal for a family.

That’s why properly researching the areas in which you are looking for properties is absolutely crucial. Taking the time to go beyond the specific property details will save you a lot of potential hassle later on. There’s a lot going on when relocating and quite often time is a factor.  The last thing you need is for you and your family to be hamstrung by an inadequate property early into your move.  Boring as it might seem the more information you have ahead of time the less stressful any property searching will be and the potential for any surprises smaller.

Tip 4: Establish Local Support Networks Early On

When we speak to clients often the main worry is not around where they will live or the amenities locally, it’s who can I turn to if something does go wrong. Having a support network in place makes relocating far less stressful and even just knowing there are people who you can ease the burden with is enough to see you through any bad times. It’s a natural thing to worry about but luckily one of the things you have in your control when you relocate. When we work with a family we try to make sure that those networks are in place or have the opportunity to grow.

Tip 5:  Try And Embrace It

It’s a stressful time, there’s lots going on and you don’t know how things will turn out. So this last tip might seem a little inappropriate but it’s important to try and enjoy the experience and look on it as a positive.  In our time as a relocation business the most successful relocations happen when people embrace the change. The new gym, the new group of friends, the new restaurants and the new career opportunities, there is a lot to be excited about so try and enjoy what should be a great experience for you and your family.  And if it doesn’t quite work out remember relocating works both ways!

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