Training Specialist Launches Pioneering Offshore Health Programme

imorph, the Aberdeen-based specialist training and change management provider, has launched Gloe, an innovative training programme based at tackling the issues behind the growing problem of obesity facing the nation – and the offshore industry.

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It is a sensitive issue, which regularly hits the headlines. The Step Change HSSG (Helicopter Safety Steering Group) recognises that whilst this issue is not exclusive to the offshore industry, the sector does have a duty to ensure it sets workers up to succeed in the offshore environment, with health and well-being as crucial factors.
It is clear that whilst operators are aware of this issue and do work to ensure that nutrition programmes based on low calorie and low fat eating are available offshore, statistics and recent news suggest that – as with most weight reducing measures – these measures just aren’t working.

Addressing the full spectrum of challenges associated with changes to diet and lifestyle, Gloe aims to improve both the health and consequent work output of offshore personnel – whatever their size – by creating a sustainable health programme, developed by imorph’s behavioural change experts, in conjunction with nutrition consultant Dr Chris Fenn.

Caroline Hughes, director at imorph, is enthusiastic about the fundamental changes the course can bring to the industry and beyond: “Gloe is a really exciting development for the oil and gas industry, as it’s the first course truly aimed at creating a more energised, more productive and generally healthier workforce, which brings almost immediate health and cost benefits to the companies who undertake the training.

“It’s not just about weight loss, and it’s definitely not a lecture. It’s about practical adjustments to existing routines, and in an industry so driven by routine, those changes are almost impossible to sustain without the knowledge and behavioural change support Gloe offers.”

With 25 years’ experience, Chris Fenn understands the benefits nutrition and habit can have upon a work force: “Obesity is linked with well-known health risks, and can significantly reduce quality of life and work. It can result in the psychological challenges of depression, stress and self-consciousness – all of which can affect interpersonal relationships, performance and attendance at work.

“At this crucial time for the oil and gas industry, a healthy work force performing at its optimum level is one of its greatest assets.”

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