Unique Scottish Spotlight event and radio show to launch in Inverurie

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A brand new and unique evening event and radio show launches in Inverurie on 4th October 2018, the event featuring Headline Speaker Alana Stott – Aberdeen’s first ever Mrs. Aberdeen, is designed to bring people together, to listen and comment on a wide variety of hot and sometimes controversial topics, have fun, lift spirits and create a sense of belonging.

Mrs. Aberdeen Alana Stott to be headline speaker at the launch of Spotlight.

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With the slogan ‘Keeping it Real’ Spotlight is hosted by 3 real local women, Theresa Day, Deborah Collinson and Joanne Mackenzie who are mums, partners and business women, passionate about making a difference to the lives of the people they meet. They will be interviewing real people with a story, people who inspire by setting an example, people who are driven by a passion to make a difference.

The audience will enjoy interactive and entertaining Q & A sessions with the guests, and the events will raise money for a range of charities including ones local to the area.

The launch will introduce the forthcoming new radio show on SHMU FM and Cocktails & Company a unique aspect to the live event.

Alana Stott, Mrs. Aberdeen and Campaign Director of the Pan American Highway Challenge said, ‘Spotlight is bringing new life into conversation, by opening up to real people with real stories it gives everyone the chance to get involved. Although we are all different we also have a lot in common, I want to share my experiences and show people anything is possible. I hope by sharing my stories I can inspire others to reach for the stars’

Tess Day, Spotlight Director said, ‘All around the world people seek the same things, to have a sense of belonging, to feel good enough and to be loved, it is our aim to create that feeling at every Spotlight event.’

Jojo Mackenzie said, ‘Spotlight is where you come to share, be inspired, informed and excited about all life’s possibilities.’

Deb’s Collinson said, ‘For me it is sharing our experiences and listening to yours. How can you become the best person you can be, gain self-awareness and confidence to help you achieve those special dreams in your life?’

Spotlight’s aim is to be the North East’s answer to Oprah, Ellen, loose women and the goal is for the audience to experience the same enjoyment including all the blips and without edits.

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