Using Twitter to grow – The Daily Scaleup with Kim McAllister

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I sometimes wish they hadn’t called it Twitter.

I mean, it sounds ridiculous when you’re sitting around around the boardroom table discussing the value of a tweet.

It should be called something like Target – and you’d send out an arrow. Go on, have fun renaming Twitter while you’re supposed to be working today.

Anyway, my point is, names can be deceiving and that leads to a person naturally underestimating the potential. As you’re growing your business, you need to ask for help and advice, because let’s face it, it can be very lonely.

As much as we’d all love to go out and network and speak to three dimensional people about their experiences (see yesterday’s post) sometimes every minute is accounted for getting the work done.

I had such a day yesterday. I had three major deadlines and a limited time to get everything done – but I could not get my report finished because Facebook was being a pain. The reporting for my ads was all messed up and I could not figure out what the problem was.

So I tweeted.

“Any Facebook Advertising wizards around? I have some technical questions #help”

Within minutes Denise had answered and we had a brilliant conversation in the private messaging section (the Direct Messages.) She went through various fixes, we identified the problem – pixel wasn’t installed properly – and then we continued chatting.

She’s in Canada.

How would I have solved that problem in 20 minutes without Twitter? I certainly couldn’t have accessed Canadian expertise, for free, any other way!

So if you’re stuck today, send out an arrow. You might just hit the target.

Kim McAllister is a Journalist & Communications Consultant and director of Impact Online


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