What group life insurance could mean for your business: Our guide

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FOR your business to grow and become more successful, you will need to modernise business practices and look for growth opportunities. One route in making this happen could come from offering group life insurance, here’s why.

Could Help Attract Top Talent When Recruiting

Offering a perk such as group life insurance as part of a package of employment could help you attract some of the best talents within your industry. The most talented of employees will most likely have more choice in where they work, so you will have to work hard to convince them to choose you over a competitor. You must mention this benefit in the job description of a job posting so that talented employees are aware ahead of time.

Group life insurance is one of the most sought out benefits that a business could offer an employee, with most businesses not offering a service such as this. It may prove to be a cost-effective strategy that could see talented workers come in to help improve your business, making it a win for everyone involved. It could be worth doing some market research to see if this is something people will want.

It Will Help Support Employees And Their Families

Employees who work within a business that offers a group life insurance scheme will feel supported and appreciated by their employers. This will mean they are more productive when working, as they feel happy and motivated when doing so.

Employees who feel underappreciated are likely to become more disgruntled and even less productive. This is why you as a business should support your employees, as this will no doubt help improve your employee retention rate. When employees leave unexpectedly, it leaves a gap within your organisation that will need filling, which can be a costly experience. You should think about your cost-per-hire ahead of time so that you are prepared.

Supporting employees through a group life insurance policy could be a major reason for them staying, making it an important asset. You can look into your eligibility for group life insurance with Drewberry, and compare multiple providers to find the most suitable policy for the benefit of your business and employees.

It Adds To Your Benefit Program

Assuming you have some sort of benefit program in place already, then group life insurance will only aim to strengthen this. A benefit program is much like an incentive for employees to work with you, and as a reward for their hard committed work.

If you do not currently have any benefits program in place, then it may be time to start looking into one. You will have a range of options at your disposal, with one of the most popular ones being financially related. This could be a general bonus related to performance, or lump sums as an almost loyalty payment.

Some businesses will offer their employees prizes based on meeting targets too, this could be something simple like chocolates at the end of the week, or a pizza party each quarter. This is largely why many businesses offer a company party of sorts, as it allows everyone to get to know each other away from work, with food and drink paid for.


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