When is the right time to replace your boiler?

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AUTUMN is almost upon us and, before you know it, we will be welcoming in the cold embrace of winter.

In our changeable northern Scottish climate, it is important to ensure that your heating is in perfect working order before the freezing conditions descend and make it an important necessity in your life. There is no better time than now to test your boiler and heating appliances, ready for the coming seasons.

It might also be a good time to consider replacing your boiler. Even as we still experience some of the milder summer sun, thoughts should be turning towards your appliance. Maybe you have moved into a new property and have reservations about the boiler, or perhaps you have been in situ a while and were concerned that it might be time for a change. Perhaps you are even aware of the UK Government’s future carbon plans and the new legislation surrounding boilers and home heating. In all these instances, you may be considering replacing your system.

One aspect preventing you from progressing might be concerns around whether the expense is going to be worth it. If so, we have put together a guide to the instances in which considering a replacement boiler might be justified.

Beyond Repair

The obvious cause of replacing your boiler is if your existing one is beyond economical repair. If your boiler breaks down, it is likely you will consider fixing it, rather than replacing it. After all, replacements will be expensive, right? Wrong. In HomeServe’s guide to new boiler installations, they discuss how it is often more cost-effective to install a new boiler than to replace one that is beyond mechanical repair. The cost of a new installation can vary depending on where the boiler is and how significant the changes are you need to make to your system, but if you are simply replacing old for new, it might be cheaper than you think with the added bonus of reliability and warranty.

15 Years Old

It is a commonly held belief in the industry that a boiler should last around 15 years; after that, the technology will be dated and you may not be getting the most efficiency from it. It is not beyond the realms of possibility that your appliance lasts longer in terms of mechanics, but it is still advisable to think about a replacement if you think yours is over 15 years old. Efficiency in boilers is improving all the time and you may be spending far more on heating costs than you need to be virtue of having an old, inefficient system. If you are considering a change, be sure to check the age of your boiler before discounting the ideas.

If you are running a gas boiler that is younger, but you have concerns around it, then replacing it might be advisable. The Ecologist reports on how Climate Assembly UK is backing a ban on sales of new gas boilers with the deadline being pencilled in around 2030-2035. That might be an influencing factor in any decision you have to make over the next five years or so.


There are many different types of boiler, combi to conventional, system to biomass, and it may be the changing needs of the household that dictate a fresh system. For instance, a combi boiler will provide enough water for a couple living in a smaller home, but if you have expanded your family and installed an en suite in the bedroom, the demands placed upon the system may be such that performance decreases. In that instance, you may want to switch to a system boiler that stores hot water and has adequate pressure for multiple appliances.

Selling / Renting

If you are planning to sell a property, or rent it out, then it might be a good idea to install a new boiler. Like a new kitchen or bathroom, a new boiler can increase buyer confidence in your home, as it is an impending cost that a prospective owner would not have to factor into future budgeting. In terms of renting, the same applies; a new boiler would certainly be attractive to possible tenants, not so much in terms of repair costs which fall onto you, but almost certainly efficiency and heating bills, which should be reduced.

In other Aberdeen property news, planning approval has been obtained for 208 new homes, bringing an economic boost to the area.


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