Why you shouldn’t skip DBS checks for your business


Businesses nowadays are trying to optimise their processes wherever possible. One of the many corners that managers consider cutting is the elimination of criminal background checks, but is it a good idea? We don’t think it is – read on to find out why you shouldn’t skip DBS checks when looking for new employees.

It’s a legal requirement

First of all, it’s important to note that for many positions, online DBS checks aren’t just some optional extra that you can tag onto the recruitment process – they’re a strict legal requirement. For positions where you need to carry out either a standard or enhanced check, failure to carry out the check could result in serious legal repercussions. If you’re unsure of your legal obligations in this area, then it’s best to consult with experts so that you’re fully aware of your legal obligations.

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They protect your clients and employees

Quite aside from your legal obligations, DBS checks are a practical necessity when it comes to protecting your clients and employees. They help to ensure that you don’t inadvertently employ someone with intentions of harming vulnerable individuals, ensuring that you’re able to maintain a safe workplace for everyone involved. Safeguarding is both a moral and practical consideration in all situations, and it’s important not to disregard your responsibilities as an employer in this area.

Develop a trusting relationship with your employees

DBS checks help employers to develop a relationship of trust with their employees, and make it easier for employees to trust one another. When everyone can be confident that their peers aren’t lying about their criminal past, it makes it easier for people to get along and create a harmonious work environment, which is absolutely not a benefit to be overlooked.

Brand management

A serious incident that’s caused by someone inside your organisation can be incredibly damaging to your brand. Whether that’s a case of harassment or the theft of sensitive client data, these are the kinds of events that you want to avoid at all costs. Carrying out DBS checks helps to ensure that you don’t bring anyone into your business with criminal intentions, helping to safeguard your brand and people’s trust in your business. 

Protect yourself from legal liability

While you can never be absolutely certain that you’re hiring the right person – people act unpredictably all the time – by carrying out DBS checks, you can show that you at least tried to get it right. This means that in the case an incident was to occur, you would likely be at least somewhat protected from a legal point of view, as you could show that you’d done your fair due diligence.

Carrying out DBS checks can help your business in multiple ways. Given that they’re so relatively simple to conduct compared to dealing with the incidents they help to prevent, they’re absolutely a worthwhile investment from our perspective. If you’re unsure as to whether you’re legally required to carry them out in your industry, it’s always worth reaching out to an expert for further advice. 

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