Work on proposed Code of Conduct for buskers

Left to Right: Councillor Sandra Macdonald and Councillor Miranda Radley

WORK is being undertaken to establish a harmonious and respectful busking environment for Aberdeen city centre.  

Councillors from the Communities, Housing and Public Protection Committee today welcomed a report on progress being undertaken by the Community Safety Partnership to establish a Busking Code of Conduct.  

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Communities, Housing and Public Protection Committee convener Councillor Miranda Radley said: “Busking is a fantastic way for local performers to showcase their talent and liven up our city centre, however we need to ensure that we remain mindful of those living and working in the immediate area.  

“Several cities across Scotland already have a code of conduct in place that enables buskers to operate peacefully alongside local residents and it is hoped that this can be implemented in Aberdeen as well.” 

Vice-convener Councillor Dell Henrickson said: “Street performances can bring vibrancy and a good atmosphere, as well as attracting both visitors and locals. We want to make sure that busking is carried out in a way that is respectful and sympathetic to all.” 

Local ward councillor, Sandra Macdonald said “I would encourage residents, buskers and those who work and visit the city centre to take part in the development of the Busking Code of Conduct for Aberdeen City Centre so that we hear all views when drawing up the guidelines.” 

The report recognised that whilst the city centre is a place where people live and work, busking can enhance the cultural vibrance of Aberdeen and provide a platform for artists to share their talents with the public.  

Councillors heard how consideration is being given to ensure that busking remains respectful to those living and working in the city centre, including designating suitable areas for buskers and the times of day that performances are permitted.  

A motion on a proposed busking code of conduct was brought to Committee by Councillor Sandra Macdonald in November 2023.  

A public consultation is to be carried out next month to gather feedback on the proposed code from buskers, businesses, community councils and residents. 

The final proposed code of conduct will go to the Communities, Housing and Public Protection Committee in May 2024. 

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