Workshop focuses on tackling local poverty


WORK has begun to refresh plans aiming to support people experiencing poverty while living in Aberdeen.

The Anti-Poverty Outcome Improvement Group met with external advisers at a workshop on 19 September to begin updating the Local Outcome Improvement Plan (LOIP), which sets out plans for making the city a place where people can prosper.

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Convener of the Anti-Poverty and Inequality committee Councillor Christian Allard said: “Hearing from experts who work with people living in poverty is invaluable in helping us understand how poverty impacts people. Refreshing the Local Outcome Improvement Plan is helping us deliver real change for people facing hardship in this cost of living crisis.”

Vice-Convener Councillor Desmond Bouse said: “It is great to see the actions identified from the workshop which will provide an even better chance of tackling poverty and inequality in Aberdeen.”

A number of actions were set out at the workshop including: gaining a better understanding of poverty through lived experience, understanding the impact of the cash first scheme on emergency food demand, and better supporting people with no access to public funds, such as benefit support.

The outcomes from the workshop will be further developed to feed into the community planning process for refreshing the Local Outcome Improvement Plan.

The focus of the Anti-Poverty Outcome Improvement Group will be on reducing the use of foodbanks and the development of cash first approaches, along with all round support including place-based benefit and financial advice services.

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