Aberdeen City Council adjusts early learning and childcare provision in response to local demand

Marischal College in Aberdeen is Aberdeen City Council's HQ

Aberdeen City Council will modify some of its Early Learning and Childcare services, effective August 2024, to align with local demand.

Applications for places at Aberdeen City Council’s Early Learning Childcare and Nursery settings will open online on Tuesday 30 January 2024.

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Councillor Martin Greig, convener of the Education and Children’s Services Committee, highlighted the importance of this service and the updates following consultation. Councillor Jessica Mennie, vice-convener of the Education and Children’s Services Committee, emphasised the positive impact on child and family wellbeing.

Councillor Mennie, said, “access to Early Learning and Childcare can help the wellbeing of children and families, and give parents and carers greater opportunities to work, train or study.” 

The expansion of Early Learning and Childcare provision, from 600 to 1,140 funded hours since 2021, includes 18 new building projects across the city. Parents of ‘continuers’ will be contacted directly to ascertain preferences, with priority given to families if changes occur.

Councillor Greig, said, “Early Learning and Childcare is an important service that provides welcome support to improve child development and attainment. Some updates will be made to this service following the consultation with parents and carers.

The feedback from everyone who responded to the survey has been much appreciated. Their comments help to ensure that we meet the demands of individuals and families. This engagement is essential as we work together in the interests of the young people.”

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