Albyn School pupils become world champions after winning race competition in self-built car

Albyn School Formula 24

ALBYN School pupils can call themselves world champions after winning the International Finals at the Goodwood Motor Circuit in West Sussex on Sunday 8 October.

“I am still in shock because we have been building up to it for so long,” said S5 pupil Esther Sanderson.

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“I have been part of the Formula 24 club since I was in S1. We were aiming for a third place because for the past few years we were finishing fourth, so we just really wanted to get a podium position. We could not believe that we won. It still does not feel real.”

The yearly competition is organised by Greenpower Education Trust which is a UK-based charity that aims to encourage young people to become enthusiastic about science and engineering by challenging them to design, build and race an electric car.

The Formula 24 club is extremely popular at Albyn School, with more than 50 pupils taking part throughout the year. Due to high demand, Albyn pupils are split into two teams – Green Arrows 1 and 2 – and the School entered a car built by each team into the prestigious competition. 

“People from all over the world were tasked with building the cars according to the same regulations,” explained Esther whose Green Arrows 1 team emerged victorious last weekend.

“Over the year, there are a lot of different mini competitions where you can qualify for the final round.

“It is a distance race – whoever goes the furthest distance in 90 minutes wins. We also set the fastest lap time at this year’s championships of four minutes and 56 seconds.”

Team Albyn also set the record for the furthest distance (40.3 miles) travelled by a kit car in the history of the competition.

Esther, who hopes to study engineering at the University of Cambridge, believes it was the team spirit and everyone’s determination that pushed team Albyn over the finish line.

She said: “What brought us up from the fourth place were not just the modifications we did to the car, it was the teamwork. There were quite a lot of difficulties along the way, but everyone worked really well together and everyone knew what they were meant to do.”

Esther said it was amazing to see pupils from all over the world, including from Portugal, Spain and Germany, take part in the competition.

Adam Douglas, Albyn School’s Head of Engineering, Design & Technology, said: “Over the last year, the club has moved to be more pupil-led. This fantastic result shows what our pupils are capable of when given the opportunity.”

Headmaster Stefan Horsman commented: “As we celebrate this remarkable achievement, we are reminded that the power of determination and teamwork can propel us to unprecedented heights. This win solidifies Albyn School’s commitment to nurturing potential and is a testament to the dedication, hard work and ingenuity of our talented pupils.”

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