Enteq Technologies expands global presence with new Aberdeen office

Andrew Law, Enteq CEO

ENTEQ TECHNOLOGIES, a leading energy services technology supplier, has inaugurated its new office in Aberdeen as part of its strategic expansion. The move complements the company’s existing locations in Cheltenham and Houston and aims to establish Aberdeen as a key pillar for global expansion.

The new Aberdeen office, situated at Queen’s Gardens in the city centre, will serve as Enteq’s support services headquarters, overseeing finance, HR, and IT operations. This strategic choice aligns with the company’s ongoing efforts to scale up and expand in line with overall business growth. Mark Ritchie, recently appointed CFO, will lead the Aberdeen office.

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The expansion comes as Enteq commercialises its innovative SABER Tool (Steer-At-Bit Enteq Rotary Tool), a groundbreaking alternative to traditional rotary steerable systems (RSS). The SABER Tool has versatile applications, supporting not only oil and gas operations but also emerging energy sectors such as geothermal drilling and methane capture.

Aberdeen’s status as a vital hub for the UK’s energy sector makes it an ideal location for Enteq’s expansion plans. The move signifies Enteq’s commitment to leveraging the city’s energy expertise and talent pool. Mark Ritchie, CFO of Enteq, expressed enthusiasm for the new office, stating, “Aberdeen is at the heart of the UK’s energy sector and has always been a centre for innovation, so we feel right at home here.”

Enteq has been bolstering its leadership team, with recent appointments including Andrew Law as CEO, Neil Bird as VP for Advanced Drilling Systems, Mark Ritchie as CFO, and David MacNeill as a non-executive director. The flagship product, SABER, is based on a concept initially created by Shell, with Enteq securing an exclusive license for the intellectual property (IP).

Andrew Law, CEO of Enteq Technologies, highlighted the company’s momentum and growth, stating, “Our expansion into Aberdeen comes at a time of real momentum for Enteq and SABER. The appointment of Mark as CFO and office opening has further strengthened our presence within the UK energy market, which is a key region for driving our global ambitions.”

In addition to the new office, Enteq has engaged Aberdeen-based firms AAB and Involve HR to provide essential support for the company’s ongoing growth strategy and expanding team. The Aberdeen office will serve as a base for engaging with local customers and partners in the UK’s energy capital.

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