Helen Mill of The Alternative Board charts a pragmatic course for 2024 resolutions

Helen Mill, Director at The Alternative Board (North East Scotland), unveils strategies for business resolutions in 2024

Helen Mill, Director at The Alternative Board (North East Scotland), guides business leaders in making lasting 2024 resolutions, emphasising mindset shifts.

AS 2024 begins, we can often find ourselves reaching for New Year resolutions, but how many really last? According to research from Drive Research, a whopping 80% of adults lose sight of their resolutions by February. As the calendar turns to 2024, Helen Mill, Director of The Alternative Board (TAB) in North East Scotland, steps into the fray, armed with a pragmatic approach to reshape business resolutions and make them stick.

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Now is the time for business owners and leaders to reflect on the past and set tangible goals for the future. Mill, with a background as the former Director of Commercial Innovation at Aberdeen’s Robert Gordon University, knows the terrain well and offers insights that cut through the clichés of New Year’s resolutions.

“The New Year symbolises a fresh start, a time for reflection and setting new goals,” says Mill, “but let’s shift the lens to your business. How can you apply these lessons to your SME?” It’s a call to action that transcends the typical rhetoric and urges business leaders to align personal and business objectives.

Drawing from a groundbreaking study by Stockholm University, Mill advocates for a fundamental mindset shift in resolution-setting. “Imagine shifting your mindset from ‘I will stop doing X’ to ‘I will start doing Y.’ It’s a complete game-changer,” she states bluntly, driving home the point that successful resolutions hinge on adopting new behaviours rather than fixating on eliminating old ones.

The study’s findings on support levels also serve as a wake-up call for SME leaders. Mill underscores that the group with some support exhibited the most success, a crucial insight for those often navigating the challenges without adequate backing.

“Remember, the proper support doesn’t overshadow your leadership; it enhances it,” Mill asserts, offering a dose of reality for business leaders who may be reluctant to seek external assistance. Her message is clear: acknowledge your expertise but recognize the value of external perspectives when setting and articulating business goals.

As the head of The Alternative Board in the North East, Mill is in the business of strategic guidance. The organisation, operating in areas like Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Dundee, Angus, and Perth, provides a structured program encompassing monthly peer advisory boards, one-to-one business coaching, and workshops. It’s a toolkit designed to empower business leaders with practical approaches in navigating the complex landscape of resolutions.

“Picking the right tools for your business goals can seem daunting, but it becomes more straightforward and effective with the correct guidance,” Mill advises, addressing the pragmatic concerns of business leaders when it comes to selecting strategies for resolution success.

Crucially, Mill drives home the point that the opportunity for positive change isn’t limited to the turn of the year. “Every day is an opportunity for positive change,” she declares, emphasising a continuous improvement mindset that goes beyond the annual resolution frenzy.

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