HGV Training – Closer than you thought!

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Many people dream of starting a new career, but the cost of change prevents them from reaching for that ideal, life-changing job. 

A career as an HGV driver that fits into this category. It’s an exciting job with an element of freedom and a sense of autonomy. That feeling of heading out on to the open road and working on your own terms appeals to many. But too often the cost of training stops them from reaching for that dream. Obtaining an HGV licence is a significant achievement that paves the way to a rewarding career path for many. 

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Where there is a will there is a way. And in this article, we look at some of different approaches you can take to make it happen. 

4 ways to fund HGV training 

We identified four paths to funding your HGV training, 

Self Funding

Let’s start with the obvious. If you are fortunate enough to have the financial resources yourself, you can pay for HGV training by paying in full. 

While this won’t be an option suitable for everyone, the benefits of self-funding are significant  because you: 

  • Start your new career debt-free 
  • Can feel more motivated to pass first-time as you have paid the full amount already 
  • Won’t need to rely on having a good enough credit score 
  • Can start right away

For this reason, if you can, it is an excellent option to consider. You’re investing in your future after all.

Training Finance

In the UK only the largest HGV training providers offer HGV training finance. This  makes paying for your training more affordable. Also, this is finance specifically designed for providing HGV training, so you don’t have the challenge of having to explain to a lender what you intend to do with it and why you want it etcetera. It’s specifically designed to help you achieve you HGV training goal. 

You’ll end up paying the full amount back, but as this amount is spread across a repayment period of your choice, you will only need to pay a deposit on the day. 

Such HGV training finance often comes with a low APR, depending on the finance provider, so it means that you won’t end up too much out of pocket in the long run by paying with credit.   

Making it an excellent and accessible way to pay! 

Skills Bootcamps

Recently, as a way to bring in more HGV drivers, the UK government have funded HGV skill bootcamps. 

These bootcamps are supplied by an official directory of providers and are often free – find this directory here.

Please note, however, we discovered that many of these bootcamps are now closed, but there are  a few left to choose from although you may need to travel to find your nearest centre. 

But, for a free access course with the chance of a job at the end, it’s still very much worth it! 

Ask an Employer

In some cases, employers of HGV drivers can offer to fund HGV training for their employees. 

This can be as an onboarding sweetener or as part of a repayment deal – it just depends on the individual employer. 

To find out more, why not ring around some of the larger HGV employers near you? If it’s your dream job, it’s worth a few phone calls. 

HGV driver training – it’s closer than you think! 

If you’ve been thinking of changing your career but wondered how you can fund it, hopefully this article has shown that it’s possible.

Those dreams of job satisfaction, enhanced job security and a sense of freedom in your daily work, might just be closer than you thought.

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