International School Aberdeen hosts Google education summit

ISA Front of School

IN A progressive stride towards the future of education, International School Aberdeen (ISA) is gearing up to host the highly anticipated Google Education Summit on Friday, November 24th. This dynamic event, set to take place at ISA’s campus on North Deeside Road, promises to be a pivotal moment in the realm of educational innovation. Gathering some of the UK’s most influential educational leaders, the summit aims to explore and dissect the evolving role of artificial intelligence (AI) in education, offering a stimulating platform for experts, educators, and enthusiasts to delve into innovative teaching methods tailored for the 21st century.

The summit’s agenda is nothing short of inspiring, featuring a diverse lineup of engaging talks by prominent figures within the education sector. Attendees will have the unique opportunity to participate in 30 breakout sessions, each designed to provide in-depth insights into the integration of AI and digital technology in educational practices. The culmination of the event will be marked by a networking extravaganza, fostering collaborations and idea exchanges that have the potential to reshape the landscape of modern education.

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ISA Students

Bukky Yusaf, a renowned educational technology specialist, will set the tone with the keynote address, delving deep into the growing significance of AI in education. Yusaf’s talk will illuminate the potential of AI as a transformative teaching and learning tool, paving the way for educators to enhance the educational experience for their students.

Gayle Veitch, ISA’s Director of IT, expressed her excitement about the event, emphasising its collaborative essence, “This summit provides an incredible opportunity for our staff to collaborate with peers from schools across Scotland. It’s a chance to exchange ideas, acquire new digital skills, and explore the latest advancements in education technology.”

The discussions at the summit are expected to be comprehensive, covering a wide array of topics. From exploring the integration of iPads with Google tools in early education to diving into the immersive concept of Gameful Learning, attendees will gain valuable insights into cutting-edge educational methodologies. Moreover, the event will shed light on the effective utilisation of Google tools for student assessment, a critical aspect of modern education.

ISA Head of School, Nicholas Little

Nick Little, ISA’s Head of School, underscored the urgency of adapting teaching methods to align with the demands of the digital age, saying, “As the professional landscape evolves, digital skills such as AI and robotics are becoming increasingly vital. Embracing AI as a tool for our children’s future success is imperative, and the Google Education Summit serves as a crucial step toward achieving this goal.”

The summit stands as an inclusive platform, welcoming all individuals passionate about the future of education and digital learning. As educators, administrators, and technology enthusiasts converge, the event promises to spark transformative conversations that will resonate far beyond the conference walls.

For those eager to participate and contribute to this transformative dialogue, registration for the Google Education Summit is now open. To secure your spot and learn more about the event, please visit the official website: Google Education Summit at ISA.

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