Jail Bird Business Bosses call for help to break free

Maggies Aberdeen Jail or Bail event includes CEOs, business owners and top executives

SOME of the most wanted business leaders and influencers in the North-east are heading behind bars and won’t be released until they have paid for their sins. Quite literally.

With charges including “wearing socks that are too bright”, “singing in the office” and “forcing people to eat their fruit and veg”, 11 of the region’s most notorious ‘criminals’ are to be locked away and won’t be released until they raise enough money to pay for their crimes – and to support leading cancer charity Maggie’s Aberdeen.

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As part of the charity’s Jail or Bail event, the group – which includes CEOs, business owners, top executives and even a retired policeman – will don orange jumpsuits, be handcuffed and taken by police van to a secret location, where they will be placed behind bars, have mug shots taken and face a judge to have their bail set.

They will then be locked in a room with only a laptop and a phone, and can only access privileges, like cups of coffee and eventual freedom, when they raise agreed amounts to support the thousands of people dealing with cancer that Maggie’s Aberdeen supports every year.

Jim Grimmer who worked for the former Grampian Police for 20 years, is facing charges of “excessive hugging and spreading goodwill without a permit”. He said: “As a retired police officer I couldn’t miss the Jail or Bail opportunity.

“I’ve encountered the tremendous support from the Maggie’s Aberdeen team, and I’m thrilled to participate in this fun and unique way of fundraising for the remarkable assistance provided to cancer patients and their families. I anticipate that my time on the other side of the bars won’t be spent in ‘solitary confinement’ for too long!”

The Jail or Bail event will take place on Friday, February 23 and will be live streamed on the Maggie’s Aberdeen Facebook page so friends, colleagues, and everyone around the North-east can follow proceedings and help raise bail money, as well as support a vital charity.

Since opening in September 2013, Maggie’s Aberdeen has supported more than 80,000 visits from people whose lives have been turned upside down by cancer, with one-to-one psychological support being offered on many thousands of occasions. The charity has also helped recover £9 million in financial gains for visitors through its benefits advice service.

Vera Schroeter, Acting Centre Head at Maggie’s Aberdeen said: “We all know someone who has been directly affected by cancer, and events like this are vital to ensure Maggie’s Aberdeen can continue to provide support to people around the North-east.”

People can help bail out the jail birds and support Maggie’s Aberdeen by visiting the Jail or Bail Just Giving Page when it goes live on Friday 23rd February. A link will be available on the centre’s social media channels.

For more information on Maggie’s Aberdeen, and for details on how you can help support the charity, visit http://www.maggies.org/our-centres/maggies-aberdeen/

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