No gimmicks, just grit: North East Scotland jobseekers keep it real in the pursuit of career success


 A NEW survey by HiJOBS has discovered when it comes to seeking out career opportunities, jobseekers in the North East of Scotland are living up to their reputation as being honest straight-talkers and refusing to lean into tricks or gimmicks that could help them secure their next job role. 

The survey, completed by 2000 Scots, found that only one in four (19%) of people living in the North East admitted to having exaggerated their work experience on a CV, compared to those in the Scottish Borders where almost a third (30%) have taken some artistic licensing with their past experience. 

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That honesty is reflected in salary negotiation too, as only one in ten (13%) people living in the North East have lied about having a competing job offer on the table to help boost their new salary offer, compared to one in four Glaswegians (21%). When it comes to first impressions, job hunters from Aberdeenshire are also displaying a take me as you find me attitude, with 95% choosing not to modify their accent and 82% not making any changes to their appearance for an interview. In fact, it is those living in the Central Belt are twice as likely to adapt their accent (12%), and one in four (26%) Glaswegians are most likely to modify the way they dress to help them land their new role. 

Honesty and transparency also play a key factor when considering new career opportunities.Almost half (47%) of job hunters in Aberdeen, by far the most in Scotland, would not apply for a position if the company suffers from a negative word-of-mouth reputation.The other top turn-offs included having to work anti-social hours (40%), lack of career progression (29%) and lack of staff benefits (29%). 

Conversely, the top-ranked job factors rated extremely important by people living in the North East of Scotland were: a good pension (57%), paid overtime (55%), flexible working (54%), a generous holiday allowance (51%) and investment in personal development (43%). 

Laura Saunders, Commercial Director and Founder of HiJOBS said: “Our research aimed to shed a little light on the concerns and aspirations of people across Scotland in their job search and it’s fascinating to see the regional variations and priorities play out. 

“While I completely respect Aberdonians’ deep commitment to not modifying their accent or the way they dress, I hope some job hunters are willing to make the odd exception. HiJOBS is currently recruiting for a Santa and his Christmas elves at Dobbies in Aberdeen, which I hope would be the perfect opportunity to perhaps bend the rules and spread some festive cheer.”

Further insights on Scotland’s regional jobhunting trends can be found at or to apply for a role as Santa or his elves visit:

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