NSRI under the spotlight at Subsea UK event

With the focus firmly on finding new technologies to increase oil and gas production in the North Sea in a low oil price era, Subsea UK’s next briefing shines a light on the National Subsea Research Initiative (NSRI).

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Subsea UK is urging companies to turn to NSRI for all matters relating to research and development of new technology. The focal point for subsea research and development, NSRI brings academia and industry together in a much more meaningful way to collaborate on getting new technology to market.

The lunch and learn briefing, which takes place on Wednesday 25th March at Village Hotel, Kingswells, will allow subsea companies to find out all about NSRI and how they can engage with it to develop the new technology that is required by industry more quickly.

Gordon Drummond, project director for NSRI said: “It is no secret that, in the current climate, oil and gas companies are much more receptive to new technology. Innovation will drive the efficiency the industry is seeking and NSRI is in pole position to match the needs of industry with those companies who potentially have the solution. However, many are unaware of how we can make the links that will speed up the process and deliver the technological solutions the industry needs now. This event aims to show companies how we can bring real value to the process.”

NSRI deals with R&D at all stages, from initial concept through to market readiness but, in the current climate, NSRI anticipates a focus on those technologies which are nearest to market.

Dr Drummond added: “The key to technology development is collaboration and we need to exploit the current environment in which operators are much more willing to collaborate on technology that can quickly deliver efficiencies.”

The lunch and learn event will provide an insight into what NSRI is doing to ensure the UK’s subsea technology needs are met within the country’s increasingly complex and competitive technology strategies and associated funding landscape.

NSRI facilitates the creation of collaborative needs to address industry challenges, thereby safeguarding the UK’s world-leading position and helping deliver global growth as competition from other provinces increases.

Places at the event can be reserved at www.subseauk.com.

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