Scottish Farmers Lay Out Vision for Agriculture Ahead of UK General Election


Setting the Agenda: NFU Scotland’s Election Manifesto

The National Farmers’ Union of Scotland (NFU Scotland) has taken a proactive stance ahead of the UK general election by publishing a manifesto detailing the specific needs of Scottish agriculture. This document has been distributed to all political parties in the hope of securing commitments to support the sector’s growth and sustainability.

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Farming at the Forefront: Five Priorities for Political Parties

NFU Scotland has outlined five key areas where action is needed, calling on political parties to include these in their own manifestos. The priorities range from ensuring increased and dedicated funding, improving producer margins for greater food security, to facilitating access to skilled workers. Additionally, the union emphasizes the importance of protecting domestic food production in future trade deals and increasing fiscal incentives to support the industry.

Championing Scottish Agriculture: A Call to MPs

Martin Kennedy, the president of NFU Scotland, has urged all prospective Scottish MPs to advocate for the nation’s agricultural interests. Highlighting the significance of farming and crofting, which cover more than three-quarters of Scotland, Kennedy stresses their role in meeting climate and biodiversity targets, supporting rural communities, and contributing to flourishing environments.

The Economic Impact of Quality Produce

With the wider food and drink industry being a cornerstone of the Scottish economy, valued at over £16 billion and employing upwards of 130,000 individuals, Kennedy underscores the critical nature of high-quality agricultural production. This not only bolsters Scotland’s economy but also enhances its global reputation.

General Election 2024: A Pivotal Moment for Scottish Agriculture

Kennedy predicts a general election this year, which will be instrumental in shaping the future of Scottish agriculture. Although many relevant policies are devolved to the Scottish government, NFU Scotland is focusing efforts on influencing Westminster on key reserved issues like trade, migration, and internal market concerns. The union’s manifesto lays out the commitments needed to realize the full potential of Scottish agriculture and drive it towards a profitable and sustainable future.

Engaging the Political Sphere: NFU Scotland’s Upcoming Events

In an effort to bring their manifesto to the forefront of political discussion, NFU Scotland is hosting an event for MPs at Westminster and planning a hustings event in the coming months. These initiatives aim to foster debate and ensure that the needs of Scottish agriculture are heard and addressed by the next UK government.

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