M&S Pledges £1 Million to Curb Methane Emissions from Dairy Cows


Investing in Greener Pastures

High street stalwart M&S has unveiled a £1 million investment aimed at modifying the diets of their pasture-grazed dairy cows. This significant move is designed to cut down on the methane—a potent greenhouse gas—that cows emit. By adjusting what their cows eat, M&S hopes to substantially reduce their environmental hoofprint.

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Climate-Smart Dairy Farming

With 40 select dairy farmers on board, M&S is targeting an ambitious reduction of 11,000 tonnes in greenhouse gas emissions each year. This initiative is not just a drop in the ocean; it’s expected to slash the carbon footprint of the company’s RSPCA-assured core fresh milk by a noteworthy 8.4%.

Fueling Innovation for a Net Zero Future

Alongside the diet change, M&S is also launching the ‘Plan A Accelerator Fund’, a £1 million kitty to support rapid strides towards carbon neutrality. The retailer is banking on its long-standing supplier relationships and a history of innovation to spearhead a series of pioneering projects.

A Message from the Top

M&S chief executive, Stuart Machin, has emphasized the company’s commitment to innovation as a cornerstone of its operations. “By turning our obsession with innovation towards climate change… we can turbo charge our drive to be a net zero business across all our operations and entire supply chain by 2040,” Machin expressed, highlighting the potential impact of incremental changes on broader climate challenges.

Next on the Horizon

More initiatives are set to be rolled out by M&S in the coming months, including the exploration of cutting-edge agricultural technology. These technologies are poised to revolutionize farming practices with a focus on producing net zero root crops through methods like minimum tillage, use of low carbon fertilisers, biological controls, and the deployment of autonomous vehicles and drones.

Small Steps, Significant Impact

M&S’s recent move is a testament to the power of small, strategic changes in addressing some of the most pressing environmental issues. With a clear vision for a sustainable future, the retailer is setting a precedent in the industry for tackling climate change head-on.

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