The Royal Highland Show 2024: A Celebration of Scottish Tradition and Innovation


Introducing ‘The Royal Highland Ohh!’

The Royal Highland & Agricultural Society of Scotland (RHASS) has unveiled a fresh and creative campaign for the upcoming Royal Highland Show, aptly named ‘The Royal Highland Ohh!’. This initiative is set to spotlight the less anticipated aspects of the show, aiming to surprise and delight attendees with a diverse range of attractions.

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A Cornucopia of Unexpected Delights

Slated for June 20-23, 2024, at the Royal Highland Centre in Edinburgh, the show promises to deliver more than the usual fare. Attendees can look forward to mountain biking displays and the interactive Honey Marquee, which are among the novel experiences the RHASS is eager to showcase.

Gastronomic Adventures Await

Food enthusiasts will relish in cookery demonstrations and an extensive variety of food vendors offering everything from traditional haggis to sweet churros. Scotland’s Larder will be a highlight, featuring a collection of local brands presenting their finest cheeses, fruits, oils, chocolates, spirits, and more.

Engaging Activities for the Whole Family

The RHET Discovery Centre stands as a beacon for family fun, offering educational and entertaining activities for the younger crowd. Children can engage in a variety of experiences, from milking a fiberglass cow to cooking with lamb and participating in honey tasting, candle making, and bee viewing sessions. A dedicated kids’ zone will provide practical skills training and live animal demonstrations, while creative sessions such as willow lantern crafting with Wild Rose Escapes add to the excitement. Plus, children 15 and under can enjoy all these activities free of charge.

Shop, Stunt, and Explore Sustainability

Shoppers can rejoice as a plethora of retailers will be present, offering an assortment of clothing, footwear, crafts, gifts, pet supplies, art, and toys. The show also features a Renewable Village, promoting sustainable products and services, and a revamped Home and Gift Hall that now includes the Scottish Handcrafts Championships. For those seeking thrills, the Farriery competition and daredevil BMX riders will provide action-packed entertainment.

Forestry Arena Spectacles

Visitors can be mesmerized by the forestry arena, where axe throwers, live chainsaw carvers, and pole climbers will showcase their skills, adding an element of rugged excitement to the show’s offerings.

A Modern Twist on Tradition

David Tennant, Head of Show for the RHASS, emphasizes that while tradition is the cornerstone of the event, the Royal Highland Show is anything but conventional. With a growing focus on sustainability and enhancing the visitor experience, the show has evolved to include a wide array of unexpected elements. After welcoming 217,000 guests last year, the RHASS is keen to build upon this success and attract an even larger crowd in 2024, including both returning patrons and first-time visitors.

For those eager to partake in this unique blend of Scottish heritage and contemporary innovation, tickets for the Royal Highland Show are available for purchase through its official website.

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