Students’ Union call for Languages consultation to be halted and jobs to be saved

Rhiannon Ledwell (University of Aberdeen Students Union VP for Education)

RESPONDING to the University of Aberdeen’s controversial consultation on the future of language provision Vice President for Education Rhiannon Ledwell said:

“The University must stop this consultation now. To put staff jobs at risk over the Christmas period is cruel and unnecessary. We understand the University’s position is that the Language School needs to react to the current financial challenges, but this must be done correctly, not quickly, with full involvement from students and staff. This consultation is both a panicked and knee jerk reaction that will damage the University’s reputation worldwide and deter future generations of students from studying languages.

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“Students are furious that lecturers’ careers and their futures are at risk. The University must commit to no compulsory redundancies and to engaging in a genuine attempt to save Language degrees. On the day after the Scottish Government launched the “Scottish Languages Bill” to enhance protections of Gaelic culture and language, the University of Aberdeen have taken a step in the opposite direction.”

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