Ways to save on flooring upgrade

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MANY modern house owners want to upgrade the floors of their homes, by installing durable hardwood flooring. Since most of the solid hardwoods are quite expensive, common people find it difficult to install the desired flooring at home. Hence, ​ cheap laminate flooring​ is considered as one of the best options for them, which can be installed even within a limited budget. There are some effective ways of saving money while planning a flooring renovation.

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Consider refinishing of old flooring –​ The old hardwood flooring may be restored to its
original grandeur, just by sanding the surface and then applying one or two coats of polish. These simple procedures are much cheaper and easier than the replacement of the entire floor. Both solid and engineered hardwood can be refinished several times before replacement is essential.

Choose wood carefully for replacing –​ When a homeowner urgently needs to replace or
upgrade his hardwood flooring. The desired colour of the flooring may help in choosing the kind of wood, as ash and maple wood have lighter shades, oak is suitable for a medium shade, and mahogany or walnut may be fit for dark-shaded flooring. However, a homeowner with a tight budget may opt for buying ​ cheap laminate flooring​ . The patterns of wood grains also play a role in deciding the cost of these flooring materials. Different types of wood used for flooring are graded according to the shades, natural knots, and presence of wormholes.

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Negotiate on the quoted price of wood –​ Many dealers offer discounts on different varieties of wood that can be utilised as flooring materials. Moreover, it is wise to negotiate with the dealers regarding their quoted prices, which can lower the costs ranging from 2% to 10% of the original selling prices. Good quality laminated woods are available at much cheaper costs, which is an effective way of saving money.

Install the flooring yourself –​ The most convenient way of saving money while upgrading a
floor is to install the new flooring without any professional help. First of all, the old flooring
should be removed completely and disposed safely. The ​ cheap laminate flooring​ can be
installed very easily, as it can be laid over both concrete and wooden subfloors. No technical knowledge is needed for the installation of this type of flooring. Only the homeowner needs to follow the instructions provided with the purchased flooring material, for nailing or gluing the wood planks correctly.

The laminated wood can be further treated to make the flooring waterproof, which is easier to clean the spills and stains, as well as more durable even in highly moist places, like a kitchen or bathroom.


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