Local families shine light on the heartfelt impact of Charlie House this Christmas

Tracy Johnstone with son Louis

CHARLIE HOUSE’S 2023 Christmas Appeal is spotlighting the compelling stories of four North-east families with children facing life-limiting or life-threatening conditions. This heartwarming campaign illustrates how a small donation, as little as £10, can make a profound difference in the lives of these families and countless others.

The Jamiesons, Townhills, McShanes, and Beatties open up about their personal journeys, sharing how Charlie House provided invaluable emotional guidance, advocacy, and information. Tracy Johnstone, Charlie House’s founder, and her husband Craig bravely share their family’s story following the recent passing of their inspirational son, Louis, the driving force behind the local charity.

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Emma Beattie alongside her family

Highlighting the transformative impact of even modest contributions, the appeal urges the public to consider gifting a donation this holiday season, either in their own name or as a heartfelt present for those passionate about the cause.

Charlie House breaks down the impact of donations – £10 bringing joy through activities like music therapy, £30 creating lasting memories for siblings with peer support, and £50 offering crucial emotional support to family members in need.

Emma Beattie alongside her family

Launched in October, the appeal unveils a new family story every few weeks on Charlie House’s website and social media platforms. The final chapter from Emma Beattie is now live, and Emma will be a featured speaker at the upcoming flagship event, the Big Build Ball on December 9, 2023.

John Brebner, CEO at Charlie House, emphasises the significance of the Christmas season for the charity, stating, “Christmas is an extra special time of year at Charlie House as it’s incredibly rewarding to know we’ve helped unlock wonderful opportunities for families, ensuring they’re able to make lasting, happy memories together throughout the festive season.”

Tracy Johnstone’s son Louis

Brebner urges generous supporters to contribute, emphasising that their services have a profound impact not only on physical experiences like sensory-based activities but also on the emotional well-being of parents and siblings caring for their loved ones.

To read and watch the touching family stories, visit Charlie House’s website: Family Stories. For more information about Charlie House’s services and how to support, visit: How We Can Help.

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