Pioneering innovations in patient care in Aberdeen


THE pulse of innovation beats strong in the life sciences sector, catalysed by the groundbreaking integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Aberdeen healthcare. Spearheading this transformative wave is the Opportunity North East (ONE) initiative, deeply committed to elevating patient outcomes and healthcare delivery through cutting-edge AI technologies.

ONE BioHub: A Nexus of Innovation in Aberdeen

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At the epicentre of this transformative journey lies the ONE BioHub, a vibrant ecosystem nestled within the Foresterhill Health Campus. Here, Aberdeen’s visionary life sciences entrepreneurs converge, collaborating, innovating, and commercialising groundbreaking therapies, treatments, and technologies. ONE BioHub serves as a dynamic hub for commercial research and innovation, fostering synergies among academic luminaries, clinical experts, and research professionals in Aberdeen.

AI in Healthcare: A Quantum Leap for NHS Grampian

In a recent ONE Life Sciences network event held at ONE BioHub, experts delved into the revolutionary potential of AI in healthcare, with a keen focus on NHS Grampian. Dr. Gerald Lip, the esteemed Clinical Director at the North East of Scotland Breast Screening Programme, and Carla Brackstone, the astute Senior Partnerships Manager at Kheiron Medical Technologies, illuminated the path toward AI-driven excellence in breast cancer detection.

Kheiron Medical Technologies’ groundbreaking Mia®️ (Mammography Intelligent Assessment) software, leveraging AI, meticulously scrutinises digital mammography images. Collaborating seamlessly with NHS Grampian and the venerable University of Aberdeen, the Gemini project meticulously assesses AI’s efficacy in breast cancer detection. Gerald underscored AI’s prowess in augmenting cancer detection while significantly reducing false positives. Notably, AI streamlines the screening process, addressing workforce shortages, and minimises result waiting times for patients in Aberdeen.

Carla underscored Mia’s pivotal role in empowering screening services, delivering unparalleled accuracy through deep learning technology. The global recognition garnered by Mia’s adoption in breast cancer screening catapults Aberdeen into the international spotlight as a vanguard of healthcare innovation.

Aberdeen: A Global Epicentre of Healthcare Innovation

Aberdeen stands tall as a global epicentre of innovation in life sciences, adorned with a legacy of monumental medical breakthroughs. From the inception of the MRI scanner to the synthesis of life-saving insulin drugs, Aberdeen’s legacy in healthcare innovation is unparalleled. The city’s collaborative ethos and high-impact research initiatives bring forth cutting-edge technologies, benefitting patients and fostering pioneering international research.

Gerald eloquently championed the value of collaborative endeavours, underscoring the region’s access to cutting-edge technology and participation in high-calibre international research. Carla echoed this sentiment, emphasising the instrumental role of partnerships in driving successful healthcare initiatives in Aberdeen.

ONE’s Unwavering Support: Shaping Aberdeen’s Healthcare Future

ONE’s resolute commitment to Aberdeen’s life sciences sector is palpable through the transformative initiatives emanating from ONE BioHub. This avant-garde initiative provides an ideal nurturing ground for innovation, offering an array of resources, mentorship programs, growth initiatives, and unparalleled networking opportunities. ONE’s strategic investment in ONE BioHub underscores its unwavering dedication to nurturing high-value life sciences businesses, propelling commercialization, and sculpting a future brimming with skilled job opportunities in Aberdeen.

As Aberdeen continues to lead the charge in healthcare innovation, AI takes centre stage, redefining patient care paradigms and solidifying the city’s reputation as a global beacon of healthcare brilliance. With ONE’s steadfast backing, the future of healthcare in Aberdeen isn’t just promising; it’s an awe-inspiring revolution that sets new benchmarks in patient-centric excellence.

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