Scotland’s Great Sheep Hunt: 1,900 Toy Sheep Hidden for RHASS Anniversary

**Pics free to use** The Royal Highland & Agricultural Society of Scotland launches a free national family scavenger hunt, Hide & Sheep. Annabelle and Eva, both 4 search and find one of our sheep!

A Flock of Fun Across the Nation

Scotland is set to experience a unique treasure hunt as the Royal Highland & Agricultural Society of Scotland (RHASS) celebrates its 240th anniversary by hiding 1,920 toy sheep across the country. The event, which is part of a year-long celebration, will scatter the sheep in a variety of locations including shopping areas, tourist hotspots, farm shops, and agricultural hubs starting Monday, March 25.

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Eight Regions, Countless Sheep

The RHASS has divided Scotland into eight regions where these toy sheep will be concealed. From the bustling streets of Edinburgh and Lothians to the scenic landscapes of the Highlands and Islands, the sheep will be tucked away waiting to be found. The search extends to Angus and Fife, ensuring a wide-reaching, fun-filled activity for all.

Finders, Keepers, Winners

Lucky individuals who spot and collect one of these hidden sheep will not only get to keep their new woolly friend but also stand a chance to win one of eight exclusive VIP experiences at the Royal Highland Show 2024. By scanning a QR code on the sheep’s ear tag, finders will immediately know if they’ve won.

A Celebration with a Cause

RHASS chair, Jim Warnock, expressed pride in leading the organization during such a landmark year and emphasized the aim to foster a deeper understanding of Scottish agriculture through enjoyable events like Hide & Sheep. Similarly, RHASS chief executive, Alan Laidlaw, highlighted the initiative’s role in engaging the younger generation and inviting families to partake in the Royal Highland Show in June.

Educational Ear Tags

With spring being a pivotal time for farmers, each sheep’s ear tag will not only potentially hold a VIP ticket but also impart five agricultural facts. These tidbits will cover topics such as lambing and crop sowing, aiming to educate the public on farming practices and the vital issues confronting rural communities.

More Than Just a Game

The Hide & Sheep event is just one part of RHASS’s comprehensive anniversary program. Other initiatives include a mass Munro challenge, a series of Harvest Thanksgiving services, and a yearlong audio-visual storytelling project. These activities are designed to highlight significant moments in the farming year, share untold stories from the sector, and address the challenges faced by rural Scotland while raising funds to preserve the nation’s cherished countryside.

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